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This server is operated by John Carnes in Woodside, California
What is a prusik?

Named for its inventor, Dr. Karl Prusik's knot has many uses in climbing, mountaineering, and rescue activities. A prusik consists of a loop of cord that is wrapped around the main rope 2 or three times and then back through itself. When loose the prusik knot will slide freely along the main rope. When pulled tight, it will grip the main rope. A pair of pursiks attached to a ropecan be used to ascend the rope. A prusik can be used as a personal tie in to a safety line. Prusiks are frequently used as a safety catch while raising and lowering people by ropes.

I named my first NeXT cube "prusik". At the time I was very involved in mountaineering and technical rope rescue systems.
When it was time to set up my own domain, the name stuck.

John Carnes
The prusik "web master"

Cirque The Cyber Dog


Server operations are supervised by Cirque.
When he is home, he sleeps by the web server.
But he's always ready to be a Search Dog!