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Information Updated 2/19/98

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The latest word...

2/19 -- The road is open!

2/18 -- I got down to the slide today and added some new pictures to the web page. The CalTrans folks were optimistic that the road would open today. There will be one way traffic control, with stoplights, at the slide.

The CalTrans folks cautioned drivers to go slow as there are still places where the road is covered with a thin slippery layer of mud.

Alpine Road was closed at about 4:30 this morning by downed power lines, trees and rocks, just up Alpine from Pescadero Road. PG&E and CDF were waiting till daylight to further assess the situation. Rocks and trees were still on the move.

2/17 -- The word from the CalTrans folks this evening is that tree removal at the top of the slide went well today. There are still a few trees half way down the slope that they will be working on tomorrow. The derbies have been cleared at the base of the slide. They felt confident that the road would reopen on Thursday. There is a slight chance that it could reopen as soon as Wednesday evening. I'll post to the list as soon as I notice the road is open. I hope other folks will as well if they discover it before I do.

2/16 -- Today they tried adding more water to the big slide. CalTrans used their big water truck, 3" hoses and a water cannon in an effort to bring down a big chunk of hillside that has been threatening to fall all week long. (Sorry, I didn't get any action shots for the web page!) There were largely successful. Tomorrow they will try pulling some trees down with ropes. Once that's done things should be safe enough to go in with the big loaders and start getting the dirt hauled off. That will take several more days if all goes well. I'll try to get a photo update on the web page on Wednesday.

2/12 -- Today I got a ride down to the slide with a CalTrans worker, so there a finally some photos of the slide. The biggest problem is just west of the one-way traffic control stop lights, near mile post 9.7. By last Saturday (2/7) most of this slide had been cleared away. But then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the entire hillside next to the original slide let loose, completely blocking the roadway again. This new slide is unstable, with large trees, rocks, and lots of mud and dirt still on the move. Work to clear the roadway has been suspended until the slide becomes somewhat more stable. Once work begins again, there will be several days of tractor work before the roadway is cleared. With more rain predicted tonight and Saturday, the road will likely be closed well into next week. The rest of the smaller slides along the road have been cleaned up. The drains are cleaned and the culverts unplugged. Ready for more rain!

Further to the East, just West of the Red Barn, there is a section of road several hundred yards long that is slowly sliding down hill. There is a very large, slow moving, landslide involving the entire hillside. The road has dropped about 4 inches and move about 6 inches sideways.

2/7 -- I had a chance to drive down 84 to La Honda today. There are some small slides near last years slides, but most of the problems are bellow the red barn. There are more than a dozen places where mud, rocks and/or trees have blocked at least one lane. Phone cables were still down on the ground. It was still raining and things were unstable enough that I didn't stop to get any pictures. At "Dead Man's Curve", down where the one-way traffic control lights are, the creek has eroded at least part of the roadway. Big piles of dirt cover the lane so it's hard to determine how much roadway is missing. The CalTrans guys up here at the top say we need a few dry days before they can even think of having the road open again.

Upper Hyw 92, just west of Hyw 35, also is starting to have roadbed problems. A section has slumped about 5 inches across all 3 lanes. All lanes are still open at this time.

The CalTrans guys were concerned about several places on Hwy 84, east of Hwy 35, where the pavement has dropped several inches.

2/5 -- 84 is closed due to a slide between Hwy 35 and the town of La Honda. I haven't had a chance to go down to the slide to get pictures yet. The road is currently open to emergency vehicles only. But at least they can get through.

The official word from the CalTrans Road Condition Web Page at http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/sr84

As of 2/5/98...

SR 84


Alternate Routes...

The closed section of Hwy 84 is between Skyline (Hwy 35) and the junction of Hwy 84 and Old La Honda Rd.

The "Official CalTrans Recommended" Detour is to use Hwy 92.

Old La Honda Road is no help since the slide is west of the Old La Honda & Hwy 84 Jct.

Both Alpine and Pescadero Roads are open as of 2/12.

How much rain has fallen?

Here is the data from my rain gauge. Sky Londa usually gets more rain than La Honda does.

Rainfall for some of the recent storms...



 Total for Year

2/1 0.39 45.63
 2/2  1.10  46.73
 2/3  6.9  53.63
 2/4  1.17  54.80
 2/5  0.28  55.08
 2/6  1.65  56.73
 2/7  2.88  59.61
 2/8  1.63  61.24
 2/9  0.87  62.11
 2/11  0.31  62.42
 2/12  0.25  62.67

Last year a total of 62.2 inches of rain fell in Sky Londa .

Here is a link to the La Honda Automated Weather Station

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