John's Current Projects
+ Web development for the Bay Area Search and Rescue Council.
Pubilicly avaliable web pages. Members only pages with user registration, event calendar, and team rosters. Online conference registration system. -- The home page for BASARC
The BASARC Event Calendar

+ MapTools --
Design and production of several tools for locating geographic coordinates on topographic maps. Popular web site with instructions and tools for working with map coordinates. E-commerce sales of cartographic tools, GPS units, etc. Author of "Using your GPS with the Universal Transverse Mercator Map Coordinate System", published by MapTools.

+ Skylonda Mutual Water Company
Responsible for the installation of a state of the art water filtration system, the related plant upgrades, regulatory requirements, and training employee in operations and maintenance.
The old sand filter
The new filter

+ Search & Rescue Instructor
Developed numerous instructional courses on various technical search and rescue skills. I am a sought after instructor presenting classes and seminars on both the state and national level. Instructor for the
California State Office of Emergency Services - Manageing the Search Function class.